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The following books and DVD's come as highly recommended reading and viewing material and are available from ABK Publications. To order any of these brilliant titles please visit our links page and click on the link to Australian Birdkeeper.

Author: Rosemary Low
In appearance and behaviour Caiques are among the most distinctive of parrots. Their personality is also unique. No other parrot has the same combination of characteristics: fearless, inquisitive and playful with a huge ego and a strong willpower. Their appeal is immediate: the upright stance, the cheeky manner and the unusual colour scheme. No wonder their popularity has skyrocketed with breeders and with companion parrot owners in recent years! However no reference book existed for the Caique lover! The leading avicultural bookseller in the UK told Rosemary Low (a long-time admirer of Caiques) that he was repeatedly being asked for a book on Caiques. So here it is! All the information in this book relates specifically to Caiques, except the health care section which applies to all parrots. Chapters include Captive History, Care and Housing, Diet and Nutrition, Pets, Breeding, Handrearing, Health and In the Wild. With 25 excellent colour photographs including all subspecies and chicks at various stages of development, this, Rosemary's 25th book, is sure to satisfy.

Author: Rosemary Low
This superb colourful title authored by Rosemary Low, includes 168 pages of comprehensive information on this species in the wild and in captivity as an aviary and companion bird.
Features colour photographs and information on the birds History, Grey Parrots In the Wild, Worldwide Trade, Subspecies, Physical Characteristics, Colour Mutations, Abnormal Colouration. 
Accomodation for Breeding Pairs, Breeding, Artifical Incubation, Handrearing, Holiday Care, A Healthy Diet and Diseases & Disorders is also discussed. As Companion Birds - Selection and Purchase, Preparing a Home for your New Pet, Enrichment and Mental Stimulation, General Care, Pet Characteristics and Traits, Talking and Mimicry, Psychology and Common Behavioural Problems are discussed in great detail. 

Author: Rosemary Low
Containing 170 colour photographs in hard cover, this features all aspects of Amazon Parrots in aviculture and in the wild.

Presenter: Eelco Meyjes
This 92-minute DVD takes the viewer on an in-depth journey covering all aspects of the Grey Parrot, one of the most widely kept captive parrots in the world today. Presented in four parts titled For the Pet Owner, For the Breeder, Basic Healthcare and Sexing and Mutations. Part Onefor the pet enthusiastoutlines information on How to Select a New Bird, what Health Aspects to look for and the Responsibilities required in selecting a companion bird with a lifespan of 60 years. How to Determine Age, Gender, Talking and Mimicry abilities, Sexing, Cage Design, Placement of Perches, Food and Water Bowls, Enrichment provisions as well as Physical Habits are explained.

Reputable breeder Di Buckly outlines the basics for first-time buyers including Acclimatising a New Bird into the Household, Spraying and Bathing, Destructive Behaviour, How to Reprimand focusing on positive energy, as well as Training and Teaching Mimicry guidelines. Part Two is full of valuable information for the breeder. An interview with Vonk van Antwerpen, commercial breeder of more than 50 years, emphasises the need not to compromise on quality, the importance of selection of unrelated breeding pairs, the necessity of a thorough Avian Vet Check, Hygiene, Prevention of Disease and Rodent Proofing.

Vonk shares his vast experience, offering breeding tips such as Communal aviaries, Dummy Nests, Aviary Design and Construction, general Breeding and Nursery procedures. Other topics include Record Keeping, Resting Aviaries, Security, Microchipping, detailed Food and Nutrition programs and Quarantine set-up. Part ThreeBasic Healthcare and Sexing is presented by Dr Tommy Blunden. Part Fourfor mutation enthusiastsdetails the development of all mutations including the world-first breeding of an all red African Grey Parrot. I have never viewed a specific species DVD with so much information presented in such a detailed and clear manner. An absolute must for both novice and experienced pet and aviary bird enthusiasts of any parrot species. Reviewed by Sheryll Steele-Boyce ABK Publications.

Presenter: M Scott Echols DVM Dipl ABVP (Avian Practice)