Diet Provided

Here at Perky Parrots we aim to give our birds the most varied diet possible with many of the fruits and vegetables fed, being grown on our property. Those that are not, are sourced from local growers, fruit shops or super markets. By growing many of the fruits and vegetables ourselves we can ensure that they come from a chemical free environment and that only the highest quality fruits and vegetables are fed. Second class food will just not do.

Even though the majority of our fruits and vegetables are grown on our property all are washed thoroughly before being prepared for the birds to eat. This removes any spiders, slugs or unwanted dirt. After this process the fruits and vegetables are then chopped up and mixed with soaked and sprouted seed. Once this is done a portion of the mix, depending on the size of the species of bird/s or whether they have young or eggs is added to a stainless steel bowl. Here we can administer extra calcium or supplements if need be. The bowls are then distributed to there intended recipient.

Aside from receiving fruits, vegetables, sprouted and soaked seed daily the birds are also given Roudybush pellets and or seed. Each morning the birds receive fresh water, the fruit, vegetable and sprouted and soaked seed mix. In the afternoon the water is changed again and pellets and or seed is given whilst any uneaten parts of the fruit, vegetable and sprouted and soaked seed mixture is removed from the aviary. When the birds have young or eggs, the fruit, vegetable and sprouted and soaked seed mix is fed twice daily. At this time extra pieces of corn on the cob are also given through out the day.

Some of the fruits and vegetables that we feed include grapes, broccoli, tomato, cherry tomatos, peas, beans, zucchini, egg plant, cucumber, corn kernels, capsicum, chilly, cauliflower, star fruit, beetroot, pumpkin, orange, watermelon, pear, apple, carrot, corn on the cob, celery, kiwifruit, rock melon and sweet potato. The types of fruits and vegetables being fed vary from season to season and are changed daily to prevent boredom. When grapes are in short supply we soak sultanas (which the birds love) overnight and then add them to the fruit and vegetables mixture. Nuts fed include almonds and pecans. The birds are fed nuts in limited amounts a month prior to and during the breeding season (August-January) only. The Blue & Gold Macaws however recieve a supply of nuts year round.