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                                                          Hahns Macaws bred at Perky Parrots

                                                         Blue and Gold Macaws bred at Perky Parrots


                          Young Green-winged Macaw bred at Perky Parrots

Available Now

Unrelated pair of Yellow-naped Amazons 2020 bred cock and 2021 bred hen

Unrelated pair of 2019 bred Blue-fronted Amazons

Unrelated pair of Yellow-crowned Amazons 2019 bred cock and 2021 bred hen.


Also available - Companion Birds

Blue and Gold Macaws (harness trained)

Hahn's Macaws

Yellow-crowned Amazons (harness trained)

Blue-fronted Amazons

Birds can be harness trained on request.

Taking orders for Green-winged Macaws


A 10% deposit is required to secure birds on order. Freight Australia Wide.


Phone Mark 04 0040 1141 

Sales Page Last updated 29-01-2023


                                                Green Wing Macaw


Blue & Gold Macaw


Hahn's bred at Perky Parrots.

                                          Blue and Golds harness training